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White Productions is a fictional subsidiary of White Global Holdings, as described in the erotic fiction series Little Model Annie.

The company specializes in very high quality and specialty extreme erotic videos and photographs as described in graphic detail in the text fiction story series.

White Productions manages, produces and distributes a wide variety of these products utilizing a worldwide network of associates and businesses.

You normally could subscribe to our website if you enjoy reading erotic fiction but Paypal is now censoring our site and feels that you don't deserve to read our stories because of the adult content.

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Current Charter Members continue to have full access to the members area and all content in it.

Performers with exotic and extreme sexual skills or talents are always in demand at White Productions which is told of in the White Corporate Relations section of the story. And where do the very rich and famous go to partake of the most extreme sexual debauchery and exhibitions along with high roller gambling - White's Paradise Island, naturally, which is another large section of the story universe.

Also included in the site members area are the authors' other story series such as Ole Crannon's Zoo Mom and Summertime at Grandpa Dicks as well as the Head Teacher series by Data001.

Please join our Author's Forum to discuss the stories with the authors and other readers.

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